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Better Competitiveness

Start working with SmartRepricer to improve your listings on Amazon in 21 marketplaces.

Increased Sales

SmartRepricer adjusts prices based on market conditions to boost BuyBox wins, driving higher sales and revenue.

Improved Profit Margins

SmartRepricer optimizes prices for sellers, enhancing profits and financial performance by aligning with desired profit margins.

Better Competitiveness

SmartRepricer helps sellers stay competitive by easily adjusting prices, attracting more customers and maintaining a strong market presence.

More Time For Other Tasks

SmartRepricer can automate adjusting prices

Freeing up sellers' time to focus on other tasks

You no longer have to manually check and adjust prices

Maximize your time and make your business more efficient

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Maximize your Amazon profits with our advanced automated repricing solution

Boost your sales and profits on Amazon

Save time and increase your profits with our repricing software

Optimize your prices and increase your visibility on Amazon

Automated Listing Management with Workflows

The Workflows feature allows you to create automated rules that tell SmartRepricer how to manage your listings. This enables you to specify exactly how SmartRepricer should manage each one of your listings, allowing you to put them on complete auto-pilot.

More powerful features

Strategy Templates
SellerRunning & InventoryLab Integration
Pre-configured Rules
Shipping Template
Sales Dashboard
FBA Advanced Conditions
FBM Advanced Conditions
Custom Rules
Price & Profit Calculator

All plans includes these benefits

Some benefits of the monthly subscription

Technical Support

Our professional technical support team is here to help you out with whatever you need.


Get started with the platform quickly and easily with the help of our professional team's special training program.

Growth Analysis

Gain valuable insights into your growth each month with the help of our dedicated team.


SmartRepricer is a powerful tool that helps you boost sales, optimize profits, and streamline your operations.

Pricing Analytics

Examine individual pricing strategies to ensure that prices are contributing to the growth of your business.

Strategy Creation

Automatically optimize prices using customizable, nested repricing strategies and easily apply event-driven, category-specific price changes.


What people say

“I recently started using the SmartRepricer for my business, and it has been a fantastic addition to my workflow.The ability to automatically adjust prices based on competitors and sales trends has saved me a ton of time and effort.And the results have been clear - my sales have increased and my profits have grown. I highly recommend the SmartRepricer to any seller looking to streamline their pricing strategy and boost their success on the platform.”

Metin Iyli
Amazon FBM Seller

“ As a seller on Amazon, using the SmartRepricer tool has been a game changer for my business.It has allowed me to easily and efficiently adjust my prices to stay competitive, and has helped me increase my sales and profits.The user-friendly interface makes it simple to set up and customize, and the customer support team is always helpful and responsive.I highly recommend the SmartRepricer tool to any seller looking to maximize their success on the platform.”

Eyüp Uzun
Amazon FBM Seller

Pricing plan

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Real-time Repricing
Strategy Templates
Bulk Listing Uploads
Shipping Template
Workflow Creation
FBA Advanced Conditions
Pre-configured Rules
Custom Rules
Price & Profit Calculator
Strategy Templates
Sales Dashboard
All Amazon Marketplaces
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions asked by our customers.

Still have unanswered queries? Get in touch with our professional business development team and they’ll answer your questions shortly.

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What counts as a listing?

Each of our standard packs support a limited number of listings. A listing is defined as any product within the inventory of any connected Amazon marketplace.

What happens when I hit my EPM limit?

If you exceed the maximum number of events per minute, SmartRepricer won’t be able to reprice right away. Instead, it’ll queue the events and process them at a rate that matches your EPM limit. For example, if there are 6,000 queued events and your account has 600 EPMs, it'll take about 10 minutes to process all queued events.

Is SmartRepricer safe to use on Amazon? is fully compliant with all Amazon rules and guidelines and is safe to use on Amazon. We are members of the Amazon Marketplace Developer Council and an Amazon Web Services technology partner. We regularly collaborate with Amazon to improve our platform.

Why not use Amazon's own repricer instead?

SmartRepricer prevents excessive price drops, updates prices 3X faster, and supports more advanced pricing strategies. It also respects seller privacy. This is perfect for sellers who are cautious about sharing their pricing information with potential competitors (such as Amazon).

Ultimately, the best repricer for you depends on your budget and needs. SmartRepricer users often find that it saves them time and increases their profits, even when compared to more expensive repricers.

What marketplaces does SmartRepricer cover?

We cover 21 different Amazon marketplaces globally. These include: 

  • NA: US, CA, MX, BR.
  • EU: UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, UAE, SA, PL, SE, NE, BE, EG, TR, IN.
  • FE: AU, JP, SG.

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