Automatically update pricing across multiple channels in real-time

Ensure that your pricing is always up-to-date by automatically updating it in real time across SellerRunning & InventoryLab.

Connected to

SmartRepricer offers simple integration with SellerRunning, with more integrations on the way.

Auto Min-Max Price Update

With SmartRepricer, you can set minimum and maximum values for your product prices, and the platform will automatically adjust your prices to stay within those limits.You can specify these values when creating a pricing strategy, or you can use the "Update Min/Max Price" option to have them periodically updated from SellerRunning.In this way, you can make sure that your prices are always competitive and profitable.

Automatically Updates Cost

One of the key benefits of using SmartRepricer is its ability to automatically update product costs from your SellerRunning account.This feature allows you to easily track and manage the costs of your products, ensuring that your pricing is always accurate and profitable.With automatic cost updates, you can avoid the hassle of manually updating prices every time your costs change, saving you time and effort.

Connected to

Connect your InventoryLab account to automatically share the Active Cost/Unit and Min/Max prices you enter for MSKUs while listing them using InventoryLab.

Share The Active Cost/Unit

SmartRepricer streamlines your pricing strategy by integrating with InventoryLab, providing seamless access to the current, average, and maximum cost/unit of your active MSKUs with available on-hand or inbound quantities. Customize your SmartRepricer experience by selecting the cost parameter you prefer to sync in the SmartRepricer settings, ensuring your pricing decisions are informed and precise.

Share The Min/Max Prices

Enhance your pricing precision on SmartRepricer by effortlessly sharing your Min/Max prices with InventoryLab. This enables you to input Min/Max prices for your MSKUs during the listing process, making this crucial data readily accessible for integration with SmartRepricer, optimizing your pricing strategy for maximum efficiency.


Integrations for Automations and Management

Tools for automating and managing your inventory with integrations

High-Speed Wireless

Our Amazon repricing software now includes an integration module with SellerRunning and InventoryLab

This module allows users of both platforms to seamlessly connect and sync their data, making it easier to manage pricing and inventory across multiple channels.

With these integrations, users can automatically update their pricing in real-time, ensuring that they always have the most accurate and competitive prices on Amazon and other marketplaces.

The integrations also allow users to easily track and monitor their sales and performance, providing valuable insights and analytics to help them make better business decisions.

Overall, the integration module provides a powerful and convenient solution for managing your Amazon repricing and inventory, helping you to grow and succeed on the platform.

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